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About Microracers

Microracers aims to be a fun 2D top-view racing game. It is inspired on the old Micromachines game, but it isn't meant to be a clone of it.

Latest version, 0.2, doesn't feature much more than the basics of a 2D racing game. Upcoming version is being worked on to have much better tracks and a more fun gameplay.
Checkout the TODO file shipped with the game and the Development section for future plans.

The game is under the GPL. Everyone is free to contribute! Contact us.
We have a development mailing list to where you can send bugs, wishes, patches, kudos, or whatever more (with the expection of spam! ;)):
[subscribing] [archives]
This mailing list also gets commits messages.

We also have a CVS repository that can be checkout'd by everyone. Instructions on the development page.

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